Digitally Printed Polypropylene


The fabric used to make these washable garments is completely recyclable. Machines are already in place that can reduce these garments into little plastic pellets.  These pellets can be re used to make fiber again.  The fiber can be made into yarn and the cycle begins again.


Ed Negola 


Susan  lynn

Wash and Tumble Dry!

Every item including shoulder pads, lining, interface, stitching, and even the buttons are all tested for washing through many cycles. After machine-washing, we tumble dry low or line dry for a virtually wrinkle free garment. No need to dry clean. No pilling or fuzzing. Perfect for Career Wear.

​Flags, Apparel, Furnishings!


Patrick Kelly

Digitally Printed Polypropylene

Highest Quality!

We used FiberVisions "Coolvisions" fiber, to make a yarn  to weave  "Made in the USA" CAFTA fabric. The fabric was dyed on a conventional machine. These machine washable Ladies Suits and Jackets are manufactured to the exacting standards of old world Italian craftsmanship. Every pattern is hand matched and pinned before sewing. 

Present dye-able Polypropylene!

Digitally Printed Polypropylene

Be creative!  Keep doing what you are doing but add new space dye or print capability to your polypropylene yarns! Just contact us for samples or our ezdye masterbatch. When you are extruding polypropylene, add our master batch called EZ Print. Use as little as 3% or as much as 10%. A combination will create a tonal effect. Print 3 colors and get 6 tonal colors. Space dye three colors and get 6 colors. Have fun!

patickkelly@hwgo   or

Beautiful Colors!

These garments can be piece-dyed into an unlimited array of colors. Use your imagination to develop the colors of your choice.  Spring or Fall the choice is yours using as little as 200 lineal yards.

Aquadye Fibers Inc. and FiberVisions 
Introduces a patented master batch which will enable you to piece dye or print Polypropylene.  Just add 10%master batch at extrusion! It's that simple!