Advantages of System


One greige goods allow you to create unlimited colors using simple lab dips for approval 

Minimum Fabric Required:

Only three feet of fabric is needed to lab dip colors for approval. Inventory is  produced on equipment already in place and then dyed to any shade desired. Color corrections can be quickly  made in the lab for customer approval.

Patterned Fabric Greige Goods:

The same equipment used to weave and dye fabric in solid shades an now be used to create patterned goods. This greatly reduces inventory as yarn dye is no longer necessary to produce patterned fabrics.

Exclusive Fabrics:

In addition a manufacturer can offer exclusive colors to customers with very little inventory. Each color of fabric is lab dipped until the customer is satisfied.

Rapid Seasonal Change:

Using this technique, the fabric manufacturer can quickly provide colors in  both spring and fall weights in a timely fashion. This speeds fabric to market by over 75%


FiberVisions, the worlds largest manufacturer of OLEFIN, has developed a "cottony soft" and dyeable fiber used in a spun yarn to make a suiting fabric and a Ladies suit that is completely machine washable. Fiber Visions also will supply a 
"Cool Visions" master-batch which you can use to do the same.


Using a patented technology assigned to it by Aquadye Fibers Inc. FiberVisions has created
 differential dyeing levels of OLEFIN fibers using the patented master-batch.  The fiber is trademarked "coolvisions"! One yarn is designed to dye deep, and another will dye light. This will create a tone on tone effect when dyed in the same dye bath.   
These two yarns are combined with a pigmented yarn on a weaving machine to create patterned prototype fabrics. 
FiberVisions not only makes fiber but will give technical assistance to show how to use the Cool Visions master match in your manufacturing or extrusion system.


The patterned fabric is piece-dyed as if it were a solid shade. The deep yarn will dye different from the light dye and the pigmented yarn will not take any color from the dye bath.  To date, FiberVisions has samples of finished fabrics in "Hounds Tooth" and "Subtle Plaid" patterns.  


Wash & Wear HOUNDS TOOTH "Wool Like" Olefin Jacket

Some examples of prototypes using "cottony" soft dyeable polyproplene

 dye-able Polypropylene!